Sheppard scores again at Davenport

Sheppard scores again at Davenport

DAVENPORT, Ia. (August 27, 2021) – Night two of the Quad Cities 150 presented by Hoker Trucking was just as exciting as night one. It was a great night for Brandon Sheppard, his team, and fans.

Sheppard started the 40-lap World of Outlaw Late Model feature on the outside pole and quickly jumped out to a lead.

Bobby Pierce started directly behind Sheppard and stayed in his tire tracks the entire race. Pierce was really able to close in on Brandon in traffic. At one point late in the race, the top five were running nose to tail. Sheppard would hold on to the lead and the win.

Pierce would have to settle for second, the second night in a row. Thursday’s winner Devin Moran took home third. Jason Feger and Chris Madden completed the top five.

Late Model heat race wins went to Pierce, Madden, Sheppard, and Jason Feger. Last chance races were won by Dennis Erb and Tyler Bruening.

Thirty-six late model entries were in the pits for Friday’s race. Chris Madden set fast time in qualifying with a lap of 13.784 seconds.

With the victory, Sheppard has won four of the last five Davenport Speedway World of Outlaw races. Saturday’s heat race line-ups will be determined by the preliminary nights’ results.

Mike McKinney drove to a hard fought win in the IMCA Modified feature. One incident during the race led to a five-car pile up in turn two.

McKinney started third and chased pole sitter Tom Berry Jr. around the track for the first eleven laps. Mike got inside of Berry on lap twelve and led the rest of the way to the checkers. Denny Eckrich also passed Berry late in the race to finish second. Berry held on for third and was followed by Chris Simpson and Brad Dierks

The IMCA SportMods put on a caution filled, fifteen lap feature with a surprise ending. Ryan Reed started on the pole, held off Ben Chapman and led all fifteen laps in what was to be a long overdue victory. Unfortunately, Reed had a shock that was found to be illegal and was disqualified in post-race inspection.

That handed the win to Chapman. Brandon Jewell started twentieth and finished second. Logan Veloz, Nathan Balensiefen, and Todd Dykema finished third through fifth respectively.

The Quad Cities 150 presented by Hoker Trucking continues Saturday, with the grand finale. A 70-lap main event paying $30,000-to-win. Modifieds and SportMods are also on the agenda with an increased purse.

A full day of fun activities are planned for Saturday. The fair food fest, a car show, and a bags tournament are all on the day’s agenda.


Davenport Speedway

August 27, 2021 –

World of Outlaw Late Models

Qualifying: Chris Madden – 13.784 seconds

Heat #1: 1. Brandon Sheppard; 2. Jimmy Mars; 3. Shannon Babb; 4. Spencer Diercks; 5. Todd Cooney;

Heat #2: 1. Jason Feger; 2. Frank Heckenast; 3. Boom Briggs; 4. Brent Larson; 5. Richie Gustin;

Heat #3: 1. Chris Madden; 2. Dade Dillard; 3. Brian Shirley; 4. Ryan Gustin; 5. Chris Simpson;

Heat #4: 1. Bobby Pierce; 2. Devin Moran; 3. Nick Hoffman; 4. Jeremiah Hurst; 5. Garrett Alberson;

Semi #1: 1. Dennis Erb; 2. Richie Gustin; 3. Justin Kay; 4. Jake Timm; 5. Lance Matthees;

Semi #2: 1. Tyler Bruening; 2. Chris Simpson; 3. Ricky Weiss; 4. Garrett Alberson; 5. Paul Parker;

Feature: 1. Brandon Sheppard; 2. Bobby Pierce; 3. Devin Moran; 4. Jason Feger; 5. Chris Madden; 6. Cade Dillard; 7. Jimmy Mars; 8. Frank Heckenast; 9. Nick Hoffman; 10. Shannon Babb; 11. Ryan Gustin; 12. Chris Simpson; 13. Ricky Weiss; 14. Boom Briggs; 15. Brian Shirley; 16. Brent Larson; 17. Jeremiah Hurst; 18. Tyler Bruening; 19. Garrett Alberson; 20. Dennis Erb; 21. Justin Kay; 22. Richie Gustin; 23. Spencer Diercks; 24. Jake Timm;

IMCA Modifieds

Heat #1: 1. Tom Berry Jr.; 2. Mike McKinney; 3. Chris Zogg; 4. Brad Dierks; 5. Dustin Smith;

Heat #2: 1. Mitch Morris; 2. Jordan Hicks; 3. Ken Schrader; 4. Jeff Aikey; 5. Austin Blume;

Heat #3: 1. Denny Eckrich; 2. Tim Ward; 3. Charlie Mohr; 4. Matt Werner; 5. Jeremy Gustaf;

Heat #4: 1. Bryce Garnhart; 2. Dylan Thorton; 3. Chris Simpson; 4. Mike Gobben; 5. Matt Stein;

Semi #1: 1. Dustin Kroening; 2. Dustin Smith; 3. Craig Crawford; 4. Jeremy Gustaf; 5. Joe Beal;

Semi #2: 1. Austin Blume; 2. Mike Fryer; 3. Timmy Current; 4. Chris Lawrence; 5. Matt Stein;

Feature: 1. Mike McKinney; 2. Denny Eckrich; 3. Tom Berry Jr.; 4. Chris Simpson; 5. Brad Dierks; 6. Tim Ward; 7. Chris Zogg; 8. Dustin Kroening; 9. Mitch Morris; 10. Bryce Garnhart; 11. Dylan Thorton; 12. Jordan Hicks; 13. Craig Crawford; 14. Jeff Aikey; 15. Austin Blume; 16. Ken Schrader; 17. Mike Fryer; 18. Charlie Mohr; 19. Jeremy Gustaf; 20. Dustin Smith; 21. Matt Werner; 22. Timmy Current; 23. Chris Lawrence; 24. Mike Goben;

IMCA SportMod

Heat #1: 1. Shane Paris; 2. Kevin Goben; 3. Aaron Hitt; 4. Ryan Reed; 5. Bryan Ritter;

Heat #2: 1. Ben Chapman; 2. Todd Dykema; 3. Trey Grimm; 4. David Engelkens; 5. Cole Suckow;

Heat #3: 1. Logan Veloz; 2. Nathan Balensiefen; 3. Perry Gellerstedt; 4. Erick Turner; 5. Rayce Mullen;

Feature: 1. Ben Chapman; 2. Brandon Jewell; 3. Logan Veloz; 4. Nathan Balensiefen; 5. Todd Dykema; 6. Cole Suckow; 7. David Engelkens; 8. Kevin Goben; 9. Anthony Franklin; 10. Perry Gellerstedt; 11. Doug Burkhead; 12. Tyler Soppe; 13. Brad Salisberry; 14. Erick Turner; 15. Cole Stichter; 16. Rayce Mullen; 17. Trey Grimm; 18. Kevin Rasdon; 19. Jason Rigel; 20. Tony Kraklio; 21. Matthew Roehl; 22. Aaron Hitt; 23. Shane Paris; 24. Jacob Lenth; 25. Bryan Ritter; (1-DNS, 2-DQ)

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