Davenport Speedway

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Thanks for the memories!

Thanks for the memories!

The season is over.

Home cookin’ deals Kay a SLMR win at Davenport


Davenport Speedway

Home cookin’ deals Kay a SLMR win at Davenport

DAVENPORT, Ia. (June 18, 2021) – Friday was the fifth time the ‘Hauling with Hoker’ Super Late Model Racing Series has competed at the Davenport Speedway. Until today, only out of town racers have taken home the trophy. … Until today.

The fifty lap A-Main started with front row starter Spencer Diercks getting out front early and dug up quite a lead. Justin Kay started 14th and slowly worked his way towards the front. Both drivers were using the high side of the track. As Kay closed in on Diercks, he switched to the bottom and took the lead on lap 35.

Once in front, Justin had to deal with heavy lapped traffic. Kay went onto take the win with a three second gap over second place Diercks. Jason Hahne, Charlie McKenna, and Chad Holladay ran top five all race and finished third through fifth in that order.

Late Model heat race wins went to Jeff Aikey, Jeff Tharp, Joel Callahan, and Todd Cooney. Darin Duffy won the B-Main. Jason Hahne set quick time in qualifying.

A bunch of cautions and a red flag led to a stop-and-go Eriksen Chevrolet IMCA Modified feature. But it didn’t stop Travis Denning from recording his first Modified feature win at Davenport this season. Denning fended off Jason Pershy and Mitch Morris in the first half of the race. In the final laps it was Bryce Garnhart applying the pressure. Garnhart took second with Eric Barnes third. Brad Dierks and Austin Blume rounded out the top five.

Adam Birck looked to be the man to beat in IMCA SportMod action. Birck started fifth and took the lead on lap three. He would hold the top spot until lap nine when he pulled off the race track. That opened the door for Jarrett Franzen. Franzen started 12th but would take the lead on lap ten and lead the rest of the way to the checkers. Tyler Soppe followed Franzen to the front but would have to settle for second. Brandon Jewell, Ryan Walker, and Aaron Hitt finished third through fifth respectively.

Tony VonDresky took the checkers in a spirited Koehler Electric Street Stock feature. Frank Waters led early but was passed by Nick Hixson on lap three. VonDresky used a lap ten restart to grab the lead and led the rest of way to the checkers. Hixson held on for second.

As exciting as the race for the lead was, the action was in the middle of the pack was more intense, bringing out two late race cautions. Following the leaders to the finish were Jake Lund in third, with Jesse Owen and Frank Waters taking fourth and fifth respectively.

Dustin Begyn, driving the #53, dominated the QCjeeps.com Sport Compact main. Cyle Hawkins was making a bid for the lead but had a tire go flat, dropping him back to a fifth place finish. Tim Sibley came in second, with Todd Sibley third. Wayne Cox finished fourth.

K Promotions continues to keep the pedal to the metal in 2021. Next Friday, June 25, the Sprint Invaders return to Davenport Speedway to take on the quarter-mile oval. Weekly classes will also be in action, but no IMCA Late Models.

Thursday, July 1st, the DirtCar Summernationals come to the Davenport Speedway for the first time in twenty years.


Davenport Speedway

June 18, 2021 –

‘Hauling with Hoker’ Super Late Model Racing Series

A Feature: 1. 15K-Justin Kay; 2. 29-Spencer Diercks; 3. 76H-Jason Hahne; 4. 22C-Charlie McKenna; 5. 32C-Chad Holladay; 6. 56-Andy Eckrich; 7. 77-Jeff Aikey; 8. 30-Todd Cooney; 9. 19G-Richie Gustin; 10. 35-Darin Duffy; 11. 58-Dave Eckrich; 12. 10T-Jeff Tharp; 13. 07-Matt Ryan; 14. 1-Jake Neal; 15. 40-Joel Callahan; 16. 56W-Gary Webb; 17. 15C-Curt Schroeder; 18. 99D-Darrel DeFrance; 19. 87-John Emerson; 20. 33-Nick Marolf; 21. K1-Kyle Krampe; 22. 44-Luke Goedert; 23. 99-Luke Pestka; 24. 74-Ron Boyse;

B Feature: 1. 35-Darin Duffy; 2. 99-Luke Pestka; 3. 56W-Gary Webb; 4. 33-Nick Marolf; 5. 15C-Curt Schroeder;

Heat 1: 1. 77-Jeff Aikey; 2. 07-Matt Ryan; 3. 19G-Richie Gustin; 4. 32C-Chad Holladay; 5. 15C-Curt Schroeder;

Heat 2: 1. 10T-Jeff Tharp; 2. 1-Jake Neal; 3. 58-Dave Eckrich; 4. 87-John Emerson; 5. 99D-Darrel DeFrance;

Heat 3: 1. 40-Joel Callahan; 2. 29-Spencer Diercks; 3. 76H-Jason Hahne; 4. 35-Darin Duffy; 5. 15K-Justin Kay;

Heat 4: 1. 30-Todd Cooney; 2. 99-Luke Pestka; 3. 56-Andy Eckrich; 4. 22C-Charlie McKenna; 5. 44-Luke Goedert;

Qualifying: 76H-Jason Hahne, 14.715 seconds


A Feature: 1. 27-Travis Denning; 2. 3G-Bryce Garnhart; 3. 1-Eric Barnes; 4. 29D-Brad Dierks; 5. 19B-Austin Blume; 6. 9Z-Chris Zogg; 7. 17-Jason Pershy; 8. 18R-Terry Rentfro; 9. 21K-Kyle Brown; 10. 29-Spencer Diercks; 11. 93-Matt Werner; 12. 99-Charlie Mohr; 13. 32K-Kyle Montgomery; 14. 36N-Joe Nemitz; 15. C15-Brandon Hamburg; 16. 20-Jake Whittington; 17. 5-Rob Dominacki; 18. 70-Mitch Morris; 19. 1M-Mike Goben; 20. 35-Chance Huston; 21. 22H-Jordan Hicks; 22. 37-Steve Gustaf; 23. 77-Joe Beal; 24. 53-Matt Stein; 25. (2-DNS)

Heat 1: 1. 77-Joe Beal; 2. 3G-Bryce Garnhart; 3. 70-Mitch Morris; 4. 37-Steve Gustaf; 5. 9Z-Chris Zogg;

Heat 2: 1. 17-Jason Pershy; 2. 27-Travis Denning; 3. 22H-Jordan Hicks; 4. 19B-Austin Blume; 5. 21K-Kyle Brown;

Heat 3: 1. 29D-Brad Dierks; 2. 32K-Kyle Montgomery; 3. 18R-Terry Rentfro; 4. 1-Eric Barnes; 5. 93-Matt Werner;


A Feature: 1. 33-Jarett Franzen; 2. 3T-Tyler Soppe; 3. 99-Brandon Jewell; 4. 9W-Ryan Walker; 5. 813-Aaron Hitt; 6. 17C-Shane Paris; 7. 1JR-Ben Chapman; 8. 30M-Maguire DeJong; 9. 18-Todd Dykema; 10. S4-Steven Spiker; 11. 69ER-Ryan Reed; 12. 4G-Kevin Goben; 13. 74-Doug Burkhead; 14. 2K-Tony Kraklio; 15. 88-Trey Grimm; 16. 15-Barry Bates; 17. X14-Randy Farrell; 18. 10S-Cody Sherer; 19. 22-Austen Becerra; 20. 39-Perry Gellerstedt; 21. 922-Chris Hesseling; 22. 112-Adam Birck; 23. 39R-Rance Powell; (1-DNS)

B Feature: 1. 22-Austen Becerra; 2. 18-Todd Dykema; 3. 39R-Rance Powell; 4. 88-Trey Grimm; 5. S4-Steven Spiker;

Heat 1: 1. 30M-Maguire DeJong; 2. 9W-Ryan Walker; 3. 17C-Shane Paris; 4. 33-Jarett Franzen; 5. 39R-Rance Powell;

Heat 2: 1. 39-Perry Gellerstedt; 2. 99-Brandon Jewell; 3. 74-Doug Burkhead; 4. 115-Jacob Lenth; 5. 144-Jimmy Davy;

Heat 3: 1. 1JR-Ben Chapman; 2. 69ER-Ryan Reed; 3. 112-Adam Birck; 4. 4G-Kevin Goben; 5. 9H-Levi Heath;

Heat 4: 1. 3T-Tyler Soppe; 2. 813-Aaron Hitt; 3. 15-Barry Bates; 4. 922-Chris Hesseling; 5. S4-Steven Spiker;


A Feature: 1. 4T-Tony Von Dresky; 2. 2-Nick Hixson; 3. 88-Jake Lund; 4. 95-Jesse Owen; 5. 27-Frank Waters; 6. Z50-Joe Zrostlik; 7. 8-Rick Schriner; 8. 4-Shawn McDermott; 9. 7-Austin Riggs; 10. 4S-Jeff Struck Jr; 11. 5-Tom Riggs; 12. 11T-Trevor Tucker; (1-DNS)

Heat 1: 1. 2-Nick Hixson; 2. 27-Frank Waters; 3. 95-Jesse Owen; 4. 5-Tom Riggs; 5. 4-Shawn McDermott;

Heat 2: 1. 4T-Tony Von Dresky; 2. 4S-Jeff Struck Jr; 3. 88-Jake Lund; 4. Z50-Joe Zrostlik; 5. 8-Rick Schriner;


A Feature: 1. 53-Dustin Begyn; 2. 125T-Tim Sibley; 3. 125-Todd Sibley; 4. 472-Wayne Cox; 5. 28-Cyle Hawkins; 6. 14-Adam Miller; 7. Z50-Joe Zrostlik; 8. 45M-Brian Marshall; 9. 8-William McPherson; 10. 78J-Jamie Armstrong; (1-DNS)

Heat 1: 1. Z50-Joe Zrostlik; 2. 28-Cyle Hawkins; 3. 53-Dustin Begyn; 4. 125T-Tim Sibley; 5. 45M-Brian Marshall

Article Credit: Mike McGuire

Submitted By: Derek Collum

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