Davenport Speedway

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Thanks for the memories!

Thanks for the memories!

The season is over.

Pierce dazzles Davenport in DIRTcar Summer Nationals action


Davenport Speedway

Pierce dazzles Davenport in DIRTcar Summer Nationals action

DAVENPORT, Ia. (July 1, 2021) – It was fireworks on and off the track Thursday night at Davenport Speedway, as the DIRTcar Summer Nationals returned to Davenport after a twenty-year absence.

The fireworks didn’t wait for darkness. Nine cars shattered the previous track record in qualifying, led by Spencer Hughes, with a time of 13.660 seconds.

Thirty-five cars entered the DIRTcar Summer Nationals event at Davenport Speedway. When the checkers flew at the end of the 40-lap main, it was series point leader Bobby Pierce in victory lane.

Pierce started the feature in the front row, alongside Tony Jackson Jr. Jackson grabbed the early lead and held it until lap twelve, when Pierce went to the point. Once in the lead, Pierce used the high side to distance himself from the field. Bobby built up a full straightaway lead by lap 25 and at the checkers, he was nearly five seconds ahead of the second-place car.

Late in the race, everyone in the top ten except Pierce, had dropped to the bottom of the racetrack. The first to change to the bottom was Frank Heckenast Jr. who finished second. Third went to Brandon Sheppard, who started thirteenth. Jackson finished fourth, just ahead of Shannon Babb, who started in the last row.

Late model heat race wins went to Tony Jackson Jr., Tanner English, Cade Dillard, and Bobby Pierce. Mitch McGrath won the consolation race, while Jason Feger was the victor in the Last Chance Showdown.

Three Davenport Speedway weekly classes were also in action Thursday.

The Petersen Plumbing & Heating IMCA Late Model feature was a real workout for Andy Nezworski. It took twenty-two laps for Andy to pass pole sitter Jacob Waterman for the lead. In the final three laps, Nezworski had to fend off a charging Justin Kay to secure the win.

Behind Nezworski and Kay, Waterman held on for third. Joe Zrostlik and Joel Callahan rounded out the top five.

In Eriksen Chevrolet IMCA Modified action, Chris Zogg went from third to first on lap one and held on for the remainder of the twenty-lap feature. Mike Goben delivered a solid performance, finishing second. Brandon Durbin started ninth and worked his way to a third-place finish. Austin Blume and Travis Denning were fourth and fifth respectively.

Nick Hixson picked off another victory Koehler Electric Street Stocks. Nick started outside pole and led all fifteen laps enroute to the win. Nick’s only challenge came from Jeff Struck Jr., who finished second. Behind Struck were Joe Bonney, Frank Waters, and Donnie Louck, in that order.

Following the racing program, the race teams and fans were treated to a fireworks display.

The racing action at Davenport Speedway returns to Fridays, on July 9th. All five weekly classes will be competing.


Davenport Speedway

July 1, 2021 –

DIRTcar Summer Nationals

Qualifying: Spencer Hughes 13.66 seconds (new track record)

Heat #1: 1. Tony Jackson Jr.; 2. Spencer Hughes; 3. Garrett Alberson; 4. Brandon Sheppard; 5. Jeremiah Hurst;

Heat #2: 1. Cade Dillard; 2. Ashton Winger; 3. Dennis Erb Jr.; 4. Billy Moyer Jr.; 5. Jason Feger;

Heat #3: 1. Tanner English; 2. Frank Heckanast Jr.; 3. Spencer Diercks; 4. Paul Parker; 5. Joe Godsey;

Heat #4: 1. Bobby Pierce; 2. Jesse Stovall; 3. Daniel Hilsabeck; 4. Brian Shirley; 5. Justin Duty;

Consolation Race: 1. Mitch McGrath; 2. Brennon Willard; 3. Chris Simpson; 4. Brandon Lance; 5. Tegan Evans;

Last Chance Showdown: 1. Jason Feger; 2. Jeremiah Hurst; 3. Justin Duty; 4. Shannon Babb; 5. Chad Simpson;

Feature: 1. Bobby Pierce; 2. Frank Heckenast Jr.; 3. Brandon Sheppard; 4. Tony Jackson Jr.; 5. Shannon Babb; 6. Dennis Erb Jr.; 7. Cade Dillard; 8. Tanner English; 9. Spencer Hughes; 10. Ashton Winger; 11. Jason Feger; 12. Brian Shirley; 13. Tim Lance; 14. Jeremiah Hurst; 15. Paul Parker; 16. Daniel Hilsabeck; 17. Joe Godsey; 18. Spencer Diercks; 19. Garrett Alberson; 20. Jesse Stovall; 21. Billy Moyer Jr.; 22. Rusty Griffaw;

IMCA Late Models

Heat #1: 1. Joe Zrostlik; 2. Justin Kay; 3. Jacob Waterman; 4. Jowl Callahan; 5. Joe Ross;

Heat #2: 1. Chuck Hanna; 2. Jonathan Brauns; 3. Fred Remley; 4. Kelly Pestka; 5. Gary Webb;

Heat #3: 1. Cory Dumpert; 2. Bryan Moreland; 3. Brian Harris; 4. Andy Nezworski; 5. Matt Ryan;

Feature: 1. Andy Nezworski; 2. Justin Kay; 3. Jacob Waterman; 4. Joe Zrostlik; 5. Joel Callahan; 6. Brian Harris; 7. Bryan Moreland; 8. Cory Dumpert; 9. Fred Remley; 10. Logan Duffy; 11. Jonathan Brauns; 12. Matt Ryan; 13. Kelly Pestka 14. Bobby Hansen; 15. Don Pataska; 16. Colton Leal; 17. Chuck Hanna; 18. Joe Ross; 19. Nick Marolf; 20. Ron Klein; 21. Ryan Claeys; 22. Gary Webb; 23. Dave Stichter; 24. Mike Haines; 25. Brian Webb; 26. Anthony Haines; (1-DNS)

IMCA Modifieds

Heat #1: 1. Jeff Larson; 2. Travis Denning; 3. Mitch Morris; 4. Eric Barnes; 5. Craig Crawford;

Heat #2: 1. Dustin Smith; 2. Jason Pershy; 3. Mike Goben; 4. Matt Werner; 5. Joe Nemitz;

Heat #3: 1. Austin Blume; 2. Chris Zogg; 3. Denny Eckkrich; 4. Brandon Durbin; 5. Bob Dominacki;

Feature: 1. Chris Zogg; 2. Mike Goben; 3. Brandon Durbin; 4. Austin Blume; 5. Travis Denning; 6. Milo Veloz; 7. Dustin Smith; 8. Matt Werner; 9. Mitch Morris; 10. Eric Barnes; 11. Jeff Larson; 12. Jason Pershy; 13. Brandon Hamburg; 14. Jeremy Gustaf; 15. Matt Stein; 16. Chris Lawrence; 17. Jake Morris; 18. Doug Lenth; 19. Charlie Mohr; 20. Joe Beal; 21. Bob Dominacki; 22. Alex VerVynck; 23. Nick Hillyer; 24. Steve Gustaf; 25. Denny Eckrich; 26. Craig Crawford; 27. Mike Garland; 28. Joe Nemitz; 29. Kyle Huston; 30. Brandt Cole;

Street Stocks

Heat #1: 1. Jeff Struck Jr.; 2. Tony VonDresky; 3. Frank Waters; 4. Austin Riggs; 5. Kile Vohringer;

Heat #2: 1. Nick Hixson; 2. Joe Bonney; 3. Jesse Owen; 4. Rick Schriner; 5. Cary Brown;

Feature: 1. Nick Hixson; 2. Jeff Struck Jr.; 3. Joe Bonney; 4. Frank Waters; 5. Donnie Louck; 6. Nick Claussen; 7. Jesse Owen; 8. Cary Brown; 9. Rick Schriner; 10. Lane Vohringer; 11. Jake Lund; 12. Tom Riggs; 13. Trevor Tucker; 14. Craig Adams; 15. Kile Vohringer; 16. Tony VonDresky; 17. Austin Riggs; (1-DNS)

Article Credit: Mike McGuire

Submitted By: Derek Collum

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