Davenport Speedway

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Thanks for the memories!

Thanks for the memories!

The season is over.

Kay claims SLMR victory at Yankee Dirt Track Classic


Davenport Speedway

Kay claims SLMR victory at Yankee Dirt Track Classic

DAVENPORT, Ia. (September 24, 2022) – Night 2 of the 45th annual Yankee Dirt Track Classic was one for the record books. It will certainly be an unforgettable night of racing for Justin Kay of Wheatland. Kay scored his second Yankee championship. His first came in 2019.

The featured class of the evening was a combined event for SLMR with both Hoker Trucking East Series and Malvern Bank West Series drivers. Forty-nine late models signed into the pits, vying for the $6,045 top prize.

The sixty-lap late model A-main was a blur, as the race went caution free. Nick Marolf jumped out to the early lead from the pole starting position. Marolf held the top spot until lap fifteen when engine problems forced him to retire early.

Kay inherited the lead and was quickly under attack from Jeff Larson and Tyler Bruening. As the laps flew by, Kay started to pull away. At the checkers, Justin had a 2.8 second advantage over Larson. Tad Pospisil moved up to finish third with Bruening fourth and Chad Holladay rounding out the top five. Sixth place Joel Callahan was the last car on the lead lap.

The six Late Model heat race wins went to Holladay, Derrick Stewart, Corey Dripps, Jeff Tharp, Jason Hahne, and Jesse Sobbing. B-mains were won by Matt Ryan and Jeff Aikey. Tad Pospisil led the way in qualifying with a lap of 14.120 seconds

Brad Dierks dominated the IMCA Modified feature. Dierks led twenty-four of the twenty-five laps in the race. Jarrett Brown was the only one close to Dierks, finishing nearly a straightaway behind. Bryce Garnhart started 13th, but would finish third. Charlie Mohr led lap one, but wound up fourth. Eric Barnes completed the top five. Twenty-nine of the thirty Mods on hand started the feature.

Tony Olson passed Logan Veloz on the high side to take the feature win in the IMCA SportMod main. Olson started 12th and leap-frogged his way to fifth by the end of lap one. Olson made the pass for the lead on lap seven and held on the rest of the way for the win. Veloz had to hold off Tyler Soppe to finish second. Perry Gellerstedt and Ryan Schilling rounded out the top five in the feature.

The wildest race of the night had to be the Street Stock feature. Joe Bonney had the early lead. When Bonney and Jake Lund got into a tussle on lap nine, both went to the back from the ensuing caution flag. Daron Oberbroeckling took the lead. Daron was in front until five laps to go, when Jeff Struck grabbed the point on the highside. Coming to the white flag Oberbroeckling stormed back to the lead, holding off Struck by 0.018 seconds. Following Struck in third was Rob Henry. Jeff Hartzell finished fourth with Landen Chrestensen fifth.

Chase Brunscheen won the Mini Late Model feature. Kyle Pearson and Ethan Kammerude were second and third respectively.

One hundred twenty-nine cars were on hand for Saturday's races with the two-day total over 200 cars.


Davenport Speedway

September 24, 2022 -

SLMR Late Models

Qualifying: Tad Pospisil – 14.120 seconds

Heat #1: 1. Derrick Stewart; 2. Tad Pospisil; 3. JC Wyman; 4. Justin Zeitner; 5. Andy Eckrich;

Heat #2: 1. Chad Holladay; 2. Luke Goedert; 3. Andrew Kosiski; 4. Charlie McKenna; 5. Curt Schroeder;

Heat #3: 1. Corey Dripps; 2. Justin Kay; 3. Bell Leighton; 4. Joel Callahan; 5. Darrel DeFrance;

Heat #4: 1. Jeff Tharp; 2. Matt Ryan; 3. Fred Remley; 4. Tyler Bruening; 5. Corey Zeitner;

Heat #5: 1. Jason Hahne; 2. Dave Eckrich; 3. Jeff Larson; 4. CJ Horn; 5. Jonathan Brauns;

Heat #6: 1. Jesse Sobbing; 2. Spencer Diercks; 3. NickMarolf; 4. Chuck Hanna; 5. Jaden Fryer;

B-main #1: 1. Matt Ryan; 2. Dave Eckrich; 3. Andy Eckrich; 4. Corey Zeitner; 5. Logan Duffy;

B-main #2: 1. Jeff Aikey; 2. Joel Callahan; 3. Jake Neal; 4. Luke Goedert; 5. Jonathan Huston;

Feature: 1. Justin Kay; 2. Jeff Larson; 3. Tad Pospisil; 4. Tyler Pospisil; 5. Chad Holladay; 6. Joel Callahan; 7. Jesse Sobbing; 8. Luke Goedert; 9. Jake Neal; 10. Justin Zeitner; 11. Bill Leighton; 12. Andy Eckrich; 13. Jeff Aikey; 14. Chatrlie McKenna; 15. Derrick Stewart; 16. Jeff Tharp; 17. Curt Schroeder; 18. Matt Ryan; 19. Dave Eckrich; 20. Spencer Diercks; 21. Corey Zeitner; 22. Curtis Glover; 23. Andrew Kosiski; 24. Corey Dripps; 25. Nick Marolf; 26. Ron Boyse; 27. Logan Duffy;

IMCA Modifieds

Heat #1: 1. Jeff Aikey; 2. Matt Werner; 3. Charlie Mohr; 4. Eric Barnes; 5. Bryce Garnhart;

Heat #2: 1. Jarrett Brown; 2. Kelly Shryock; 3. Denny Eckrich; 4. Joe Huenefeld; 5. Mitch Morris;

Heat #3: 1. Spencer Diercks; 2. Jason Pershy; 3. Chris Zogg; 4. Brad Dierks; 5. Mike Garland;

Feature: 1. Brad Dierks; 2. Jarrett Brown; 3. Bryce Garnhart; 4. Charlie Mohr; 5. Eric Barnes; 6. Denny Eckrich; 7. Andy Nezworski; 8. Chris Zogg; 9. Tony VonDresky; 10. Tyler Madigan; 11. Joe Huenefeld; 12. Craig Crawford; 13. Brandon Jewell; 14. Kenny Kostenbader; 15. Skyler Harroun; 16. Jamie Pfeiffer; 17. Mitch Morris; 18. Mitch Way; 19. Brandon Leverington; 20. Ray Cox Jr.; 21. Kelly Shryock; 22. Patrick Moore; 23. Jason Pershy; 24. Spencer Diercks; 25. Matt Werner; 26. Mike Garland; 27. Matt Short; 28. Jeff Aikey; 29. John Connolly; (1-DNS)

IMCA SportMod

Heat #1: 1. Tyler Soppe; 2. Todd Dykema; 3. Ryan Schilling; 4. Perry Gellerstedt; 5. Joel Payne;

Heat #2: 1. Tony Olson; 2. Dakota Hayden; 3. Brett Thomas; 4. Kyle Neels; 5. Bryan Ritter;

Heat #3: 1. Logan Veloz; 2. Brady Hilmer; 3. Rance Powell; 4. Ben Chapman; 5. David Engelkens;

Feature: 1. Tony Olson; 2. Logan Veloz; 3. Tyler Soppe; 4. Perry Gellerstedt; 5. Ryan Schilling; 6. Kyle Neels; 7. Brady Hilmer; 8. David Engelkens; 9. Kevin Goben; 10. Ryan Reed; 11. Brett Thomas; 12. Rance Powell; 13. Erick Turner; 14. Todd Dykema; 15. Justin Schroeder; 16. Randy Farrell; 17. Bryan Ritter; 18. Dakota Cole; 19. Jay Garby; 20. Josh Woodruff; 21. Curt Hilmer; 22. Dakota Hayden; 23. Joel Payne; 24. Chad Coyne; 25. Shaine Bennett; 26. Don Hatfield; 27. Barry Bates; (1-DNS)

Outlaw Street Stocks

Heat #1: 1. Landen Chrestensen; 2. Jeff Struck Jr.; 3. Joe Bonney; 4. Jake Lund; 5. Roger Rickels;

Heat #2: 1. Jesse Owen; 2. Jeff Hartzell; 3. Dave Wadsager; 4. Cary Brown; 5. Daron Oberbroeckling;

Feature: 1. Daron Oberbroeckling; 2. Jeff Struck Jr.; 3. Rob Henry; 4. Jeff Hartzell; 5. Landen Chrestensen; 6. Joe Bonney; 7. Cary Brown; 8. Roger Rickels; 9. Dave Wadsager; 10. Alex Pappas; 11. Clay Hockaday; 12. Justin Skiles; 13. Jesse Owen; 14. Jake Lund; (2-DNS)

Mini Late Models

Heat #1: 1. Kyle Pearson; 2. Chase Brunscheen; 3. Chad Bender; 4. Bowen Wilson; 5. Ethan Kammerude;

Feature: 1. Chase Brunscheen; 2. Kyle Pearson; 3. Ethan Kammerude; 4. Chad Bender; 5. Bowen Wilson; 6. Mercede Sweet; 7. Ellie Schueller;

Article Credit: Mike McGuire

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