Davenport Speedway

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Thanks for the memories!

Thanks for the memories!

The season is over.

Zifko wins Yankee Enduro


Davenport Speedway

Zifko wins Yankee Enduro

DAVENPORT, Ia. (September 23, 2022) – The 45th annual Yankee Dirt Track Classic debuted at Davenport Speedway Friday night. This is the first time the Yankee has been held at the Davenport track.

The finale of the evening was a one hundred and fifty lap Enduro. The race quickly boiled down to a battle between Rick Zifko of Aurora, Illinois and Brody Rivest of Wisconsin. The two drivers swapped the lead several times, including in the final ten laps.

Rivest passed Zifko to lead laps 146 and 147. Rick returned the favor, leading the final three laps for the win. Nate Coopman of Minnesota finished third, two laps down. Joe Zrostlik and Nolan Morrow led the local contingent, finishing fourth and fifth respectively.

Justin Kay led all thirty laps of the IMCA Late Model feature. Kay was challenged throughout the race by Andy Nezworski and Matt Ryan. Ryan finished in the second position with Nezworski taking third. Joel Callahan and Jacob Waterman rounded out the top five. Late Model heat race wins went to Ryan, Nezworski, Chuck Hanna, and Tommy Elston.

Dallon and Damon Murty dominated the IMCA Stock Car feature. The pair were first and second after lap one and never looked back. Dustin Vis finished a distant third, eight seconds back. Late Model drivers Jesse Sobbing and Justin Kay finished fourth and fifth.

The Yankee Dirt Track Classic continues tomorrow. Saturday's featured class will be the Super Late Model Racing cars and stars. The late models will be in a combined Hoker Trucking East Series and Malvern Bank West Series event. Also racing will be IMCA Modifieds, IMCA SportMods, Outlaw Street Stocks, and Mini Late Models.


Davenport Speedway

September 23, 2022 –

IMCA Late Models

Heat #1: 1. Chuck Hanna; 2. Fred Remley; 3. Jaden Fryer; 4. Chris Lawrence; 5. Don Pataska;

Heat #2: 1. Andy Nezworski; 2. Justin Kay; 3. Joel Callahan; 4. Logan Duffy; 5. Steve Johnson;

Heat #3: 1. Tommy Elston; 2. Darrel DeFrance; 3. Jacob Waterman; 4. CJ Horn; 5. Chance Huston;

Heat #4: 1. Matt Ryan; 2. Anthony Franklin; 3. Jerod Ballhagen; 4. Mike Kline; 5. Colton Leal;

Feature: 1. Justin Kay; 2. Matt Ryan; 3. Andy Nezworski; 4. Joel Callahan; 5. Jacob Waterman; 6. Chuck Hanna; 7. Anthony Franklin; 8. Fred Remley; 9. Darrel DeFrance; 10. Jaden Fryer; 11. Tommy Elston; 12. Chris Lawrence; 13. CJ Horn; 14. Don Pataska; 15. Jerod Ballhagen; 16. Colton Leal; 17. Dustin Wilkinson; 18. Darren Mish; 19. Mike Kline; 20. Steve Johnson; 21. Mack Mulvany; 22. Andrew Chelf; 23. Chance Huston; 24. Logan Duffy; 25. Anthony Guss; 26. Doug Burkhead; 27. Kelly Pestka; 28. Brandon Loos;

IMCA Stock Cars

Heat #1: 1. Chase Zaruba; 2. Dallon Murty; 3. Jesse Sobbing; 4. Gage Neal; 5. Jacob Ellithorpe;

Heat #2: 1. Kaden Reynolds; 2. Damon Murty; 3. John Oliver Jr.; 4. Joe Zrostlik; 5. Kirk Kinsley;

Heat #3: 1. Justin Kay; 2. Dustin Vis; 3. Dakota Simonsen; 4. Kodey Miles; 5. Will Sheen;

Feature: 1. Dallon Murty; 2. Damon Murty; 3. Dustin Vis; 4. Jesse Sobbing; 5. Justin Kay; 6. Kaden Reynolds; 7. John Oliver Jr.; 8. Gage Neal; 9. Jacob Ellithorpe; 10. Dakota Simonsen; 11. Norman Bean; 12. Chase Zaruba; 13. Kirk Kinsley; 14. Kodey Miles; 15. Will Sheen; 16. Kyler Hickenbottom; 17. Joe Zrostlik; 18. Jerry Miles; (2-DNS)


Feature: 1. Rick Zifko; 2. Brody Rivest; 3. Nate Coopman; 4. Joe Zrostlik; 5. Nolan Morrow; 6. Bryan Maher; 7. Justin Kay; 8. Cyle Hawkins; 9. Darren Hartman; 10. Spencer Durhem; 11. Merle Jensen; 12. Shadoe Beard; 13. Curtis Rosenberg; 14. Tommy Staggs; 15. Rob Harding Jr.; 16. Wade Nelson; 17. Zach Dahl; 18. Joe Lafrenz; 19. Rob Harding; 20. Shawn McDermott; 21. Jerry Coopman; 22. Joe Potter; 23. Jassen Love; 24. Lane Cox;

Article Credit: Mike McGuire

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